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About Mongolia

Many of the most unique places in the World are in Mongolia’s territory, and here are some of the more remarkable:

1. Highest pressure in winter - Uvs province the highest atmospheric pressure center in the Northern Hemisphere in winter forms in Mongolia. The center comprises the Uvs Lake, Khyrgas Lakes Depression and is called the Asian Center of highest atmospheric pressure. The atmospheric pressure reaches 1.055 hPa in January in the town of Ulaangom, in the main center.

2. World’s northern most desert - The northernmost desert in the world is in Mongolia: the Buurug Els, in the Zuungobi soum in Uvs aimag, where the sand dune belt reaches 50018’ north latitude. This is parallel with the southern part of Canada.

3. World’s southernmost permafrost - The southern most limit of permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere is in Erdenetsogt soum in Bayankhongor province, at 560 28’ north latitude near the Modon Salaa Mountain.

4. Permafrost nearest to desert - The distance between the Buurug Els and the southern border of permafrost is only about 700 kilometer. There is no other place on Earth where a desert has penetrated so far north and permafrost penetrated so close to the south.

5. Watershed of the world - The Peak of Tsogt Chandmani Mountain, at the end of the Khentii Mountain Range, is the watershed of three huge drainage basins: the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Inland Basin of Central Asia. It is only 80 kilometers south of Ulaanbaatar at 1.845 meters above sea level.

6. World’s longest active fault line - A remarkable surface fault line-the Bulgan fault is probably the longest active fault line in the World.

The fault moved in the earthquake of 23 July 1905, with a violence of 8.2 to 8.7 on the Richter scale, making it ‘’one of the largest known earthquakes in continental regions’’, according to an international team of seismic experts. Immediately afterwards, open fissures were 60 meters deep and over 10 meter wide.

Today, the fault line can be traced by a trail of destruction of broken ground and deflected streams, indicating a left lateral slippage of around 11 meters-a huge devastating single movement. The fault line can be traced for almost 400 kilometer from near Lake Sangiin Dalai in Khuvsgul province and west to the Khangiltsag river headwaters in the Khan Khukhii Range.

7. Halfway from Pole to Equator - Passing through Mongolia is the 45th parallel. This is the line of latitude whose position in the same distance of 5.001 kilometers from both the Equator and the North Pole.

Also passing through Mongolia is the 90th meridian. This is the line of longitude whose position is exactly halfway between 0 and 180 degrees longitude with a distance of 6.414 kilometers from each.

8. Wild places of Mongolia - Mongolia has wild nature not occupied by humans such as forest, steppe, Gobi and desert.

Places of special geographical interest

9. Geographical center of Mongolia - The geographical center of the country lies at 460 52’ north latitude and 103050’ east longitude on the headwaters of the Uvur Khushuut Bulag, 14 kilometers south of the center of Burd soum Uvurkhangai province.

10. Highest point in Mongolia - The highest point in Mongolia is the peak of Khuiten on the mountain of Altai Tavan Bogd, which attains an impressive altitude of 4.374 meters above sea level.

11. Lowest point in Mongolia - Khukh lake is a deep body of salty water in Dornod province, covering 95 square kilometers. It abounds in many rare animals, birds, and plants. In the vicinity of this lake is the lowest point in Mongolia: 560 meters above sea level.

12. The highest city in Mongolia - The city with the highest elevation is Altai town, the administrative center of Gobi-Altai province, at an altitude of 2.181 meters above sea level.

13. The lowest city in Mongolia - The city with the lowest elevation is Sukhbaatar City, the administrative center of Selenge province in northern Mongolia, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

14. The most remote province - The most remote province is Bayan-Ulgii, a remarkable distance of 1.636 kilometers away. The most remote soum from Ulaanbaatar is Bulgan soum in Bayan-Ulgii province.

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