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сургалтын арга барилууд - Our Benchmarks

CIPE MN Language Benchmarks CIPE MN Language Benchmarks
At CIPE MN we use Canadian Language Benchmarks in teaching English. 
There are 3 Levels in learning English:
  1. the Beginner - Stage 1,
  2. Intermediate - Stage 2 and
  3. Advanced - Stage 3.
Each of those Levels is broken into 4 stages of teaching and skills:
  1. Reading,
  2. Writing,
  3. Listening and
  4. Speaking.
A Pre-Intermediate student studies lessons from Stage 1 - Part 4 and Stage 2 - Part 5

We can easily see if students need help with what they are learning.  This allows us to offer extra help and classroom time to build those skills.

Why Canadian English?

  • Canadian English is the variety of English spoken in Canada.
  • Canadian English contains elements of British English and American English in its vocabulary.
  • Canada has very little dialect diversity compared to the United States and Britian, that is, Canadians have very little accent.
  • Canadian English and American English are sometimes classified together as North American English.
  • Canadian English spelling is largely a blend of British and American conventions.

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